In the double life department, Jim Bixler, the well-known and highly accomplished Third Street South horticulturist, is also a talented vocalist who sings with the much-respected choir at Trinity-by-the-Cove Episcopal Church and is a member of the newly established Genesis Ensemble, which was recently profiled by the Naples Daily News. The Genesis Ensemble has just recorded its first CD, which is excellent by all accounts. Jim is an acknowledged magician with all manner of flora and now will be equally well recognized as a virtuoso singer. Well known in the garden and horticultural world for the keen eye for color and texture that he brings to all the green spaces in Third Street South, you may spot him, happily digging in a planter, artfully arranging his latest masterpiece – and if you listen closely you might hear him sing. One of the nicest, friendliest men you might have the good fortune to meet, it is excellent that he is being recognized for all his talents and gifts.