Business Offices

Some of Naples’ best attorneys, accountants, architects and other professionals keep their offices amidst Third Street South’s courtyards, fountains, and lush flowers, making it possible to do business and still have the pleasure of Third Street South’s restaurants, bistros, and shops. Banking, real estate brokerage and more are available. Third Street South is a highly desirable place to work.

The following businesses are Members of the Third Street Merchants Association, and as such there is more information available about them on the website. For additional businesses, please view the list.

Neapolitan Enterprises

Property Management for a portion of Third Street South and elsewhere.

255 13th Avenue South, Suite 202
(239) 261-8936

Old Naples Animal Wellness Center

A full service veterinarian with compassionate care and an emphasis on wellness and prevention.

349 14th Avenue South
(239) 331-3345

Kukk Architecture & Design, P.A.

A design oriented architectural firm specializing in restaurants, single family residential, small commercial projects and remodel/additions.

1300 Third St S Suite 203E
(239) 263-9996