On October 4, 1971, Chef Tony Ridgway, currently of his eponymous Ridgway Bar & Grill and Tony’s Off Third on Third Street South opened The Wurst Place on 12th Avenue South. Still on the menu, 45 years later? Our chicken and grapes salad, and famous carrot cake! In a notoriously fickle industry, where romantic visions of the quaint neighborhood bistro are met with the realities of long hours and thin margins, Tony is the anomaly, closing in on 5 consecutive decades as the chef-proprietor of some of Naples’ most revered dining establishments. Many long-time locals still wax poetic about Truffles and The Chef’s Garden, with the former and its famous pastry selection being the go-to spot for casual family dinners and friendly gatherings, and the latter defining fine dining and special occasions. Tony is still to be found in the kitchen or bakery on a near daily basis, prepping for lunch and dinner, coaching his chefs, and perfecting recipes. Ridgway Bar & Grill is open for lunch and dinner daily, as well as brunch on the weekends. Tony’s Off Third, just adjacent, is a top-quality bakery of everything from breakfast pastries to fine wedding cakes, coffee and tea shop, and vendor of a beautifully curated selection of wines with something to meet all preferences.