Third Street South’s Campiello and The Continental are on the 2019 list of OpenTable’s 100 Best Al Fresco Restaurants in America. OpenTable compiles diner-generated feedback to determine qualifying restaurants and the Third Street South mainstays both are known for their outdoor appeal, centering on inviting and lovely courtyards for lunch and dinner that is served with panache. Campiello and The Continental boast different styles of cuisine, with Campiello embracing Italian fine dining, and The Continental a classic, high-end steakhouse. Both are the result of restaurateur Richard D’Amico’s ability to capture the very best of what discerning diners want, combining exceptional culinary standards and spaces you just want to inhabit.

Each restaurant reflects the flair and commitment to preservation for which Third Street South is known, and why the area has been a draw to visitors for its entire history.  Campiello is located in the historic Mercantile building, which has graced Third Street South for nearly a century in multiple guises from grocery and telegraph to today’s fine dining. The Continental’s home was originally a Gulf gas station that served as an anchor for Old Naples in the 1940s and ‘50s, and then a retail store before becoming The Continental with its delicious food and excellent craft bar. Having gone through multiple iterations, both have retained the attractiveness of Third Street South, renowned for its glamour and promise of good times since Naples was first named on a map.