Four restaurants on Third Street South have received the coveted Award of Excellence and Best of Award of Excellence recognition for 2017 from Wine Spectator. Nationally, fewer than 2500 restaurants across the country qualify for the Award of Excellence and only just over 1100 are designated as Best of Award of Excellence. Third Street South’s awardees are, in alphabetical order, Campiello (Award of Excellence), Ridgway Bar & Grill (Award of Excellence), Sea Salt (Best of Award of Excellence) and The Continental (Best of Award of Excellence). It is extraordinary that within three blocks of each other, Third Street South has four restaurants in this rarified company. Each of these exceptional restaurants, all independently owned, is a destination in its own right, with varied atmospheres and cuisine, but all are excellent.  Whether interrupting an afternoon of shopping, or having a night out to celebrate a special occasion, these restaurants have decades of experience and success in the industry and deserve their excellent reputations. The summer months are a good time to visit, as no reservations are required, and an enjoyably leisurely meal is guaranteed – and be sure to ask to see their wine lists! You won’t be disappointed.