We talk a great deal about the delightful gardens of Third Street South, because frankly we’re smitten with them. Who doesn’t love a good stroll down a flower-filled avenue? It enhances the ambience, creates a sense of place that can’t be beat, contributes to a “greener” landscape in the technical sense of the word, and of course it’s just nice to look at!

But did you know that Third Street is a member of the American Public Gardens Association? Per their website, the American Public Gardens Association is “the leading professional organization for the field of public horticulture,” representing more than 585 institutions across all 50 states and Washington, D.C., and 24 countries, and including some of the most esteemed botanic and public gardens.

The Third Street South gardens are maintained by horticulturist, Jim Bixler, and his team. Daily, year-round, they spend hours of time planting, tending, and cultivating up and down Third Street and the surrounding streets. All of their efforts create what, in our estimation, is a truly unparalleled setting for shopping, dining, or simple enjoyment.

So the next time you’re on Third Street South, we encourage you to take a moment to appreciate the vibrant greenery around you. And stay tuned for information about occasional tours and happenings.