Coconut Grove, Meet Naples

A small, and utterly divine, slice of Miami’s charming Coconut Grove has arrived for a brief stay on Third Street South. A pop-up shop is currently in residence behind the Old Naples Pub and John Craig Clothier, occupied by the Polished Coconut and POOL LabShow. Dubbed the Voyage on Third, these two stunningly curated shops, and [...]

Coconut Grove, Meet Naples2017-03-02T10:16:44-05:00

A Fall Fashion Frame of Mind

Among the many delights of fall in northern climes: hot apple cider, pumpkin picking, jewel-toned leaves ornamenting the trees, and perfectly cool days that beg you to be outside. Of equal enjoyment for fashion lovers is the biannual official changing of the wardrobe, as light cottons and sandals are set aside, and rich cashmeres and leather [...]

A Fall Fashion Frame of Mind2016-11-04T17:59:46-04:00

The Making of a Monogram

The history of the monogram dates back centuries. The ancient Greeks would stamp their coins with the initials of their city or ruler. Merchants and artisans of the Middle Ages would frequently adorn their merchandise with their personal brand. In more recent times, it was de rigueur for our parents and grandparents to receive sets of [...]

The Making of a Monogram2016-11-27T17:30:46-05:00

Party On

Tis the season for invitations to start rolling into your mailbox or inbox! Like everything today, what to wear is no longer crystal clear. Invitations (a white or cream card in a precise format) used to either specifiy Black Tie (in the lower right corner) or said nothing in which case men wore a suit and [...]

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Tech for the Fashion Conscious

If you still enjoy the old-fashioned method of aimlessly strolling through charming boutiques as a compliment to the efficiency and ease of online purchasing, pop to Third Street South in your quest for the perfect gift. If, on the other hand, you are overwhelmed by your love of gadgetry and that love is combined with good [...]

Tech for the Fashion Conscious2016-10-14T15:04:11-04:00