Tis the season for invitations to start rolling into your mailbox or inbox! Like everything today, what to wear is no longer crystal clear. Invitations (a white or cream card in a precise format) used to either specifiy Black Tie (in the lower right corner) or said nothing in which case men wore a suit and women a cocktail dress. A garden party would mean a light colored dress or suit and likely a hat for women, and at the least a blazer for men. Ties were a given. It was chic to dress as expected so the phrase casual chic, cocktail chic would -if ever used – been redundant. Festive was an attitude, not a type of clothes. No hostess would ever have suggested Black Tie optional – leaving everyone in sartorial limbo.

But that was then. Now we must navigate an uncertain sea to turn up more or less in tune and not in the same clothes as someone else. The shops on Third Street South are entirely equipped to guide you and provide you with everything from beach chic to high-end couture, and add jewelry, purses, shoes and any other indispensable items for women or for men – doing so with the same high standard of service that seems in most places to disappeared several decades ago. Frequent special events and high-end trunk shows insure the latest and best are available. Third Street South is sartorially very satisfying. Check individual stores as well as the calendar of events here to keep up to date on the latest fashionable happenings.