The history of the monogram dates back centuries. The ancient Greeks would stamp their coins with the initials of their city or ruler. Merchants and artisans of the Middle Ages would frequently adorn their merchandise with their personal brand. In more recent times, it was de rigueur for our parents and grandparents to receive sets of matching and monogrammed linens as wedding gifts. A well-designed monogram is attractive, when used appropriately and sparingly.

On Third Street South, for over 50 years the family-owned Gattle’s has been providing exquisite linens and lingerie, perfect for a monogram which they can help you create. Dapper gents looking for the bespoke touch can visit John Craig or Maus & Hoffman for their finery and a monogram discretely adorn the lining of a blazer or suit jacket. Jose Aragon Jewelers is skilled at creating special pieces that can include a monogram or its elder cousin, a crest.

The Scout Guide has advice on creating a monogram today if a traditional approach is not to your taste. The old rules, they say, are open to interpretation, and a monogram can reflect its owners’ individual style and personality. A single initial, a decorative intertwining of two letters, a straightforward first and last initial or some three-letter combination including the traditional one with the last name initial centered and emphasized. Or, if you either have one or want to create one, a crest.