Third Street Restaurants Earn Best Al Fresco Dining in U.S.

Third Street South’s Campiello and The Continental are on the 2019 list of OpenTable’s 100 Best Al Fresco Restaurants in America. OpenTable compiles diner-generated feedback to determine qualifying restaurants and the Third Street South mainstays both are known for their outdoor appeal, centering on inviting and lovely courtyards for lunch and dinner that is served with [...]

Third Street Restaurants Earn Best Al Fresco Dining in U.S.2019-08-23T18:06:02-04:00

The Original Third Street South Farmer’s Market

The award-winning Third Street Farmer’s Market, open year-round every Saturday from 7:30am to 11:30 am is about to gear up for season, nearly tripling its summer roster of vendors and moving a half-block from the big Neapolitan parking lot to Third Street South between Broad Avenue and 13thAvenue South. Once again, there will be the impressive [...]

The Original Third Street South Farmer’s Market2018-10-23T11:57:21-04:00

Pop Goes The Cork

Popping the cork on champagne is always a sign that good times are meant to start. Lopping the top of the bottle off with a well-placed swipe of a sabre is far more dramatic, if risky, and seldom if ever seen or done now. Sabering the bottle is historic and romantic, but if you manage to [...]

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Wine Spectator Recognizes Excellence on Third Street South

Four restaurants on Third Street South have received the coveted Award of Excellence and Best of Award of Excellence recognition for 2017 from Wine Spectator. Nationally, fewer than 2500 restaurants across the country qualify for the Award of Excellence and only just over 1100 are designated as Best of Award of Excellence. Third Street South’s awardees [...]

Wine Spectator Recognizes Excellence on Third Street South2017-07-30T22:07:19-04:00

Dog-Friendly Third Street South

Third Street South’s D’Amico’s The Continental has been named by Travel + Leisure a Top Dog Friendly dining destination in the country. Well-deserved, The Continental welcomes dogs in their outdoor courtyard at any time, and also annually plays host to the Bow Wow Brunch, an event that benefits the Naples Humane Society. While not listed on [...]

Dog-Friendly Third Street South2017-07-30T21:58:31-04:00

Some Classics Never Go Out of Style

On October 4, 1971, Chef Tony Ridgway, currently of his eponymous Ridgway Bar & Grill and Tony's Off Third on Third Street South opened The Wurst Place on 12th Avenue South. Still on the menu, 45 years later? Our chicken and grapes salad, and famous carrot cake! In a notoriously fickle industry, where romantic visions of [...]

Some Classics Never Go Out of Style2016-11-27T17:30:46-05:00

The Chef as Author

If you are very lucky, you may have a chance to talk to Fabrizio Aielli about all the nooks and crannies of Venice where he grew up and from which he developed his love of and talent for superb food. If you happen not to run into him in person, in his superb book, Sea Salt, [...]

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Finessing that Non-negotiable Cup of Coffee

Our morning coffee is nonnegotiable. No meetings or conference calls before we’ve been adequately caffeinated, dare we say. Coffee as is, hot or iced, in dressed up form as a cappuccino or espresso. Any way you want to give it to us, we’ll take it. Our friends at The Scout Guide share our passion for all [...]

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Delectable Wines: Divine Dinners

The trend of wine dinners has certainly taken hold on Third Street South, with local favorites including Barbatella, Sea Salt and The Continental pairing up delectable wines with divine dinners, with occasional featured guest speakers poised to opine on what marries a certain sauvignon blanc or cabernet. A recent offering from Sea Salt, for instance, poured [...]

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