Third on Canvas is only days away, returning to Third Street South on February 19 and 20, with the charity auction to be held on February 23. Annually, dozens of painters gather in Old Naples, along Third Street South and the Avenues, and spanning from the Naples Pier to the City Docks, capturing in real time the beauty, history, and charm of the historic area. Watch as the scenes of Old Naples appear on their canvases, and enjoy a day of shopping and dining on Third Street South. As the week proceeds, the event culminates in a live and silent auction, hosted at a beach-side private club, of the week’s artwork. Proceeds of this lively event directly benefit two local charities, PAWS Assistance Dogs and Friends of Foster Children Forever.

Painting on and around Third Street South will be on February 19 and 20, with a comprehensive list of the painters and their locations below. The auction, including juried prizes for the best art of the week, will take place on February 23 from 5-8PM. Tickets to the auction are $75 per person and include wine and hors d’oeuvres. Sponsorships are also available. Please visit PAWS Assistance Dogs’ website or call (239) 775-1660 for ticket information.



(Note: List correct as of 1/24/17 but subject to change.)

  • Susan Armstrong:  3rd Street South at the Fleischmann Fountain
  • Jan Ellen Atkielski:  3rd Street S. & 12th Avenue S. at Tommy Bahama Relax
  • Judith Chinski:  3rd Street South and 13th Avenue South (SE Corner)
  • Anne Danly:  3rd Street South at the Englishman
  • Bill Doyle:  3rd Street South at Barbatella
  • Jeff Fessendon:  13th Avenue South at Tony’s Off Third
  • Phil Fisher:  3rd Street South at the 14th Avenue Canal
  • Ken Fraser:  3rd Street South and 13th Avenue South at Island Company
  • Mauricio Garay:  A Private Club in Port Royal
  • Peter Garon:  3rd Street S. & 12th Avenue S. at Tommy Bahama Relax
  • Larry Golba:  13th Ave. S/Tony’s Off Third Courtyard
  • Natalie Guess:  Crayton Cove at Phil Fisher Gallery
  • Teresa Hewitt:  3rd Street South at Cleopatra’s Barge
  • Kaya Hinson:  13th Avenue South across the Street from Jane’s Cafe
  • Michael Kilburn:  12th Avenue South at the Naples Pier
  • Mimi Little:  3rd Street South at the Old Naples Building
  • Hector Maldonado:  3rd Street South and 12th Avenue South (NE Corner)
  • Deborah Martin:  3rd Street South at the 3rd Street Concierge Booth
  • Alexis Martinez Puleio:  3rd Street South at Tommy Bahamas Men
  • Kathryn McMahon:  Crayton Cove at the Dock Restaurant Beach
  • Tom Millsap:  3rd Street South and 13th Avenue South at St. Tropez Home
  • Mary Moran:  3rd Street South and 13th Avenue South at Eileen Fisher
  • Jorge Narvaez:  3rd Street South at Marissa Collections
  • Priscilla Powers:  Broad Avenue South at the Naples Beach
  • Jack Schlueter: Crayton Cove at Naples City Dock
  • Kevin Shea:  3rd Street South at Continental
  • Olena Skiba:  3rd Street South at the Old Naples Pub
  • Gail Risner:  13th Avenue South at A Mano
  • Janine Wesselman:  3rd Street South at Fleischmann Plaza
  • Leah Weidemer:  3rd Street South at Leggiadro