If you are very lucky, you may have a chance to talk to Fabrizio Aielli about all the nooks and crannies of Venice where he grew up and from which he developed his love of and talent for superb food. If you happen not to run into him in person, in his superb book, Sea Salt, Aielli’s takes you what he calls “small mind journeys” about experiences that inspired his point of view about food. How to create particular dishes is, of course, included but the education provided by a chef who “cooks for and from love” is the point and the pleasure. Owner with his beautiful wife, Ingrid, of Sea Salt and Barbatella in Naples and formerly of Teatro Goldoni in Washington, D.C, Chef Aielli’s extraordinary talent and passion for the compelling benefit of beautiful food in our lives leaps off the page. Settle in, and have a wonderful time. You can find Sea Salt available at the restaurant of the same name, at Barbatella’s Market and elsewhere.