Popping the cork on champagne is always a sign that good times are meant to start. Lopping the top of the bottle off with a well-placed swipe of a sabre is far more dramatic, if risky, and seldom if ever seen or done now. Sabering the bottle is historic and romantic, but if you manage to pop the cork like Cary Grant you will have accomplished it with ample flair. If you are still insatiably curious about sabering, there’s a little how-to available here and champagne sabers are available for purchase from any number of retailers. Be warned, if you care, that you will waste a great deal more champagne. If you want to try either method, Tony’s Off Third carries a wide selection, and all of the Third Street South restaurants will serve very nice wines by the bottle, by the glass, and even incorporated into craft cocktails to tempt your palate. Likely no sabering.