Third Street South, the Birthplace of Old Naples, contributes a great deal towards the latest ‘best of’ award Naples has earned, that of BEST BEACH TOWN TO LIVE IN. The award sets it above more than 200 other locations across the United States for the superior quality of its weather, the level of safety, the health of its economy, and the overall quality of life. With Naples holding the top spot, and nearby Marco Island ranking at #7, it’s clear that the Gulf Coast moniker, Paradise Coast, is apt and likely to stick. And, really, what’s not to love? With year-round sun, swaying palm trees that line the streets and beaches, and nationally award-winning and recognized restaurants, shopping destinations, hotels, arts and culture, and more, the appeal is evident. An interesting note about this particular acknowledgement is the reference to towns in which people live rather than visit. While Naples will always be a resort destination for visitors from throughout the U.S. and globally, more and more families are calling Naples home, recognizing the myriad benefits of the Gulf Coast. Third Street South is both the original destination in Naples and to this day still its most beautiful, romantic and excellent dining and lovely shopping area. Having welcomed the earliest visitors via the historic Naples Pier, Third Street South still welcomes residents and visitors to its shops, restaurants, courtyards, fountains, flowers and lovely buildings.