Sacre bleu, quelle horreur, and a dash of mon dieu thrown in for good measure – word has it that a champagne shortage could be impending, courtesy of a perfectly imperfect combination of abysmal weather, mildew and something ominous-sounding called “grey rot.” All culminating in allegedly the least productive growing season for champagne since the 1950s.

Happily, there are many wonderful sparkling wines across a range of price points and styles produced outside France. You might assume at least some of these come from in and around Napa and Sonoma in California, though there is a strong argument for this contender originating in, of all places, New Mexico.

But until such a calamity as an insufficiency of champagne actually arises, we’ll rest assured that we can go on celebrating life’s little and big occasions with our favorite glass of bubbly, ideally in one of Third Street South’s outstanding restaurants.