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Party On

Tis the season for invitations to start rolling into your mailbox or inbox! Like everything today, what to wear is no longer crystal clear. Invitations (a white or cream card in a precise format) used to either specifiy Black Tie (in the lower right corner) or said nothing in which case men wore a suit and [...]

Party On2016-10-14T11:28:26-04:00

Tech for the Fashion Conscious

If you still enjoy the old-fashioned method of aimlessly strolling through charming boutiques as a compliment to the efficiency and ease of online purchasing, pop to Third Street South in your quest for the perfect gift. If, on the other hand, you are overwhelmed by your love of gadgetry and that love is combined with good [...]

Tech for the Fashion Conscious2016-10-14T15:04:11-04:00

Victory for Third Street South Farmer’s Market

The Third Street South Farmer’s Market, which was recently named to a list of the best 101 Farmer’s Markets in the United States, received unanimous approval from the Naples City Council to resume operations for one more year on Third Street South between Broad Avenue and 13th Avenue South starting November 19, 2016 and running through [...]

Victory for Third Street South Farmer’s Market2016-10-12T11:04:02-04:00

Naples Tops Luxury Travel List

USA Today, that trusty mainstay of hotel lobby news and now arbiter of what is most deluxe and desirable, has recently designated Naples as the top destination for luxury travelers across the U.S.  The top! Calling Naples the epitomization of “swanky,” the ranking places Naples above and beyond Beverly Hills and Aspen, among other high profile [...]

Naples Tops Luxury Travel List2016-10-12T11:03:26-04:00

The Chef as Author

If you are very lucky, you may have a chance to talk to Fabrizio Aielli about all the nooks and crannies of Venice where he grew up and from which he developed his love of and talent for superb food. If you happen not to run into him in person, in his superb book, Sea Salt, [...]

The Chef as Author2016-11-27T17:30:46-05:00

Friendly Burds

David and Jenny Burd are among the founders of the Third Street South Farmer's Market, loyal and popular vendors since the market's inception some 22 years ago. David at times refers to himself as the "Mango Man," known as he is for carrying myriad varietals of mangos in season, and knowing them all by name. In [...]

Friendly Burds2016-11-04T18:00:45-04:00

Smitten with Flora & Gardens

We talk a great deal about the delightful gardens of Third Street South, because frankly we’re smitten with them. Who doesn’t love a good stroll down a flower-filled avenue? It enhances the ambience, creates a sense of place that can’t be beat, contributes to a "greener" landscape in the technical sense of the word, and of [...]

Smitten with Flora & Gardens2016-12-20T15:34:59-05:00

Finessing that Non-negotiable Cup of Coffee

Our morning coffee is nonnegotiable. No meetings or conference calls before we’ve been adequately caffeinated, dare we say. Coffee as is, hot or iced, in dressed up form as a cappuccino or espresso. Any way you want to give it to us, we’ll take it. Our friends at The Scout Guide share our passion for all [...]

Finessing that Non-negotiable Cup of Coffee2018-11-12T15:50:56-05:00

Delectable Wines: Divine Dinners

The trend of wine dinners has certainly taken hold on Third Street South, with local favorites including Barbatella, Sea Salt and The Continental pairing up delectable wines with divine dinners, with occasional featured guest speakers poised to opine on what marries a certain sauvignon blanc or cabernet. A recent offering from Sea Salt, for instance, poured [...]

Delectable Wines: Divine Dinners2016-11-27T17:30:47-05:00