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In 2017, Greenery (The Color) Is In

The Pantone Color Institute, apparently the arbiter of the significance of paint colors, based presumably on paint sales or trying to sell paint – declared Rose Quartz and Serenity, their complementary (or dueling) 2016 colors of the year, and now are jettisoning them in favor of the 2017 prediction: Greenery. Announced as bright, shiny, full of [...]

In 2017, Greenery (The Color) Is In2016-12-31T11:37:58-05:00

To the New Year!

As Coastal Living Magazine commented in a recent round-up of the 10 Best Beach Towns for Christmas, Naples “is sure to put you in the holiday spirit,” with the stunning, historic destination of Third Street South and its to-die-for shopping, and its abundant, festive lights and decorations.  Christmas on Third kicks off the holidays in Naples [...]

To the New Year!2016-12-31T11:12:46-05:00

Gardening Hints: Container Gardens

Whether you’re looking to enhance a small space or colorfully accent a larger one, container gardening is a terrific way to introduce new design elements to an outdoor area. Jim Bixler, horticulturist for Third Street South, was recently interviewed by Naples Daily News about his recommendations on how to optimize your container gardens. All along Third [...]

Gardening Hints: Container Gardens2016-12-20T15:20:14-05:00

A Fall Fashion Frame of Mind

Among the many delights of fall in northern climes: hot apple cider, pumpkin picking, jewel-toned leaves ornamenting the trees, and perfectly cool days that beg you to be outside. Of equal enjoyment for fashion lovers is the biannual official changing of the wardrobe, as light cottons and sandals are set aside, and rich cashmeres and leather [...]

A Fall Fashion Frame of Mind2016-11-04T17:59:46-04:00

Season is Here – Mark Your Calendars!

If you’ve spent any time at all in Naples, you have likely heard locals refer to what is known simply as “season,” indicating generally the months between Thanksgiving and Easter when our otherwise sleepy Naples community transitions into a bustling destination. While some year-round residents may decry the increased traffic and longer wait times at restaurants, [...]

Season is Here – Mark Your Calendars!2016-11-27T17:30:46-05:00

Christmas on Third

The holidays on Third Street South are truly charmed. Everywhere you look, there are bright lights and festive decorations. Shops are filled to the brim with tempting goodies, whether shopping for loved ones or thinking about treating yourself to something special. Restaurants are bustling and welcoming, with family and friends gathered in happy reunions. The celebrations [...]

Christmas on Third2016-11-04T16:15:07-04:00

The Making of a Monogram

The history of the monogram dates back centuries. The ancient Greeks would stamp their coins with the initials of their city or ruler. Merchants and artisans of the Middle Ages would frequently adorn their merchandise with their personal brand. In more recent times, it was de rigueur for our parents and grandparents to receive sets of [...]

The Making of a Monogram2016-11-27T17:30:46-05:00

The Art of the Dog

Today, the high esteem and the affection we have for our dogs seems a modern phenomenon, a quantum difference from the past, but in fact, that is just not true. A bit more widespread perhaps, but definitely not new. The importance of dogs comes through clearly in both history and in art, dating to distant centuries [...]

The Art of the Dog2016-11-27T17:30:46-05:00

For the Hostess Who Has Everything

A successful dinner party is the result of military like forethought and precision. There is a silly saying that is true: A successful hostess is like a duck on a pond, seemingly serene on the surface and paddling furiously underneath. She richly deserves a little something to show that you appreciate the investment she has made [...]

For the Hostess Who Has Everything2016-11-27T17:30:46-05:00

Just You, the Open Skies, and your Private Butler

The Oxford University Press defines "glamping" as a "form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping." A whole lot more. There are myriad tempting possibilities in the U.S. and abroad, so regardless of your destination you can give this growing travel trend a try. Amenities are truly extraordinary. At Montana's [...]

Just You, the Open Skies, and your Private Butler2016-11-27T17:30:46-05:00