Our morning coffee is nonnegotiable. No meetings or conference calls before we’ve been adequately caffeinated, dare we say. Coffee as is, hot or iced, in dressed up form as a cappuccino or espresso. Any way you want to give it to us, we’ll take it.

Our friends at The Scout Guide share our passion for all things coffee and have provided a useful how-to, solicited from true subject matter experts. We generally default to procuring our daily joe from one of Third Street South’s marvelous coffee shops, be it Bad Ass Coffee Company or Tony’s Off Third, but the next time we’re inclined to pursue an at-home brew, we imagine we’ll take these tips to heart.

The take-home tips? Fresh beans matter, as do the quality of the grind and the technique used to brew. These experts recommend either an Aeropress or Frenchpress for maximum quality, or, for drip brew aficionados, manufacturers such as Behmor and Technivorm. Finally, make sure your water to coffee ratio is spot on, and aim for the juuuust right length of brew time.